An End Of An Era— Goodbye Internet Explorer

Raise of hands, how many of you have forgotten about the existence of the humble Internet Explorer? Probably a lot.

Come August 2021, the last iteration of Internet Explorer (IE11) will finally be shut down and no longer be supported by Microsoft’s 365 applications and services.

In its place, IE11 will be replaced by the new Microsoft Edge, which has been hailed as a faster, efficient, and cleaner version of Microsoft’s classic browser system.

But make no mistake about it, Microsoft Edge is not strictly a copy of IE11. In fact, the new browser was built on the Chromium open-source engine with the latest in Microsoft enterprise capabilities built-in. In layman’s, this means the browser will be similar in capabilities to that of Google Chrome. 

The eventual downfall of Internet Explorer is not a sudden decision. Rather, the company has been working on reducing the usage of the browser for years now, as seen by its efforts to offer an alternative in the form of its Edge browser way back in 2015.

That said, it will be hard to pry some users away from IE as the browser has been around since August 1995. And in the late 1990s to early 2000s, Internet Explorer was definitely the browser of choice for a multitude of Internet surfers around the globe.

However, with the introduction of Google Chrome towards the mid to late 2000s, IE’s stock fell hard and its usage plummeted. Today, we will finally see the end of an era — say goodbye to the era of the Internet Explorer, and say hello to a whole new world of Microsoft Edge. 

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