AirAsia To Introduce New “Super App”

In the midst of a global shutdown in the airline industry, the AirAsia group has announced that it is building a “super app” off the back of its existing architecture for its mobile application and website to provide various services like e-commerce, delivery, and payments.

The app is scheduled to be available starting next month in Thailand and the rest of ASEAN will follow suit.

E-commerce, Logistics In The Form of An App

Contrary to widespread speculation, the idea for an all-in-one app came even before the pandemic — it actually started two years ago but was accelerated due to the outbreak. Indeed, the company now desperately needs new revenue streams after most of their AirAsia fleet got grounded for months due to travel restrictions. 

More particularly, the company suffered losses upwards of US$238 million in the second quarter of 2020.

The new, all-encompassing platform will start to be accessible via and AirAsia’s mobile app from October 8th onwards, including digital services like BigPay (digital payment), Teleport (logistics), e-commerce and delivery business, and Santan (AirAsia’s food and beverage service) being available on the app.

The super app will also allow users to book hotels and flights (even from airlines other than AirAsia) and it also offers a wide variety of travel and lifestyle rewards programmes. This is in line with the company’s initiative to start its own travel booking service after ending its partnership with Expedia.

The AirAsia app intends to differentiate itself from other global lifestyle apps by leveraging the data it has collected from millions of passengers over the years.

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