A Rather Good Coffee Roaster & Café In KL

It is perhaps apropos that this coffee roaster/café has appropriately adopted the acronym RGB (Rather Good Beans) for itself. 

A nondescript whitewashed house surrounded by evergreen shrubbery along the residential neighbourhood of Jalan Damai holds a secret that many passersby may overlook. 

Yes, RGB & The Bean Hive is found in a deceptively simple, signboard-free abode. But once you step inside, you’ll quickly realize this café is the real deal. 

RGB & The Bean Hive

Within RGB’s compound, you’ll find a relaxing atmosphere with an air-conditioned dining room, as well as a spacious courtyard equipped with lounges and low coffee tables allowing patrons to leisurely sip on their cup of coffee while enjoying the serene environment. And RGB’s awesome selection of aromatic coffee beans is indeed a treat to be enjoyed. 

The team at RGB aims to provide top quality coffee beans from surrounding regions including Indonesia and Chiang Mai. Whether it’s Sumatran beans with a fuller, earthy and spicier profile or the South American beans with a slight chocolaty and nutty flavour or even the classic Ethiopian blend which tends to skew towards floral and citrus notes, RGB has it all and more!

Also, being one of the oldest speciality coffee roasters in KL, RGB’s beans are widely available for wholesale.

Food-wise, RGB’s menu consists of a normal and vegetarian menu. And while most may opt for the normal meals, the meat-free offerings are actually a highlight as the café strives to provide only the best of the best for our fellow vegetarian friends.

Address: 35, Jalan Damai, Kampung Datuk Keramat, 55000 Kuala Lumpur

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