A Merry Good Time At Pontocho Alley

Are you feeling a tad hangry and lethargic after an entire day of exploring and gallivanting around Kyoto? 

If you’re in the Kamogawa River area, it might be wise for you to head to Pontocho Alley to recharge yourself by dining, drinking, and being merry through the night.

Revel In The Classical Japanese Charm of Pontocho Alley

Here, you’ll find a wide variety of dining options from inexpensive Yakitori stalls to extravagant fine dining options. Also, Pontocho’s narrow cobblestone alley provides an atmospheric dining experience you’ll hardly find anywhere else in Japan.

And a special highlight during the hot summer months is when many of these restaurants build temporary terraces towering over the Kamogawa River, where patrons may dine out in the open air.

Also known as Kawayuka, this particular dining experience was first developed as a way to avoid the summer heat. Indeed, enjoying the cooling effects from the flowing water below whilst taking in the lively summer atmosphere does sound like an excellent dining experience.

If you’re a fan of Yakitori, you should definitely try out Pontocho Yasohachi Yakitori — an establishment with over 20 years experience in serving a wide range of the traditional (charcoal-grilled) meat skewer dish.

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